Cal State East Bay

Cal State East Bay serves a highly diverse (ethnically and socioeconomically) student population of 14,000 and is considered the leading four-year public teaching university in the San Francisco East Bay Region. It operates three campuses, in Hayward, Concord and Downtown Oakland and has been consistently recognized for its outstanding programs in Teacher Preparation, Online Education, Business and Economics, Nursing and Health Care, Criminal Justice, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.)

The Long Now Foundation

The Long Now Foundation was established in 1996 to creatively foster long-term thinking and responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years. Our work with students is guided by the principles of many of the world’s thought leaders in this field. The Foundation’s Seminars About Long Term Thinking provide an introduction to this field.



Project Team



Lonny J Avi Brooks


Lonny J Avi Brooks

Assistant Professor 

Communication Department at California State University, East Bay.

Lonny J Avi Brooks is an Assistant professor in the Communication Department at California State University, East Bay. His current manuscript is Playing@Foresight: Communicating the Future of Digital Culture (in review at MIT Press). His research of long term thinking of  is part of a larger study of how organizations (especially forecasting think tanks), interaction designers, and college youth envision the future of media and information technologies. This research brings together his interests in the social and cultural impacts of new media and the distribution of societal stories we invent to forward, mitigate, or restrain technological and scientific invention. He looks at futurist think tanks worldwide to investigate the metaphors employed in future scenarios of computing as they interact with historical, sociocultural memories, and present-day realities.  As part of his research on emergent trends in social computing and user experience research, he investigates how long term thinking can be implemented in higher education. Professor Brooks is a member of the research group, Gaming as a Lens for Learning project to investigate gaming as a platform for understanding how gaming can provide students with immersive experiences in learning about media theory and practice. Professor Brooks received his PhD in Communication at UC San Diego and an MA in Library and Information Science at UCLA. He is currently Chair of the Communication And The Future (CATF) division of the National Communication Association. He advises students in advertising, public relations and organizational communication and is Chair of the Jewish Culture & Society Committee at Cal State East Bay. His first publication about long term thinking and how it shaped Silicon Valley’s brand of capitalism is available in this article: Brooks, Lonny J and Bowker, Geoffrey (2002). Playing at work: Understanding the Future of Work Practices at the Institute for the Future. Information, Communication & Society. Volume 5, Number 1 / January 01, 2002 (109 – 136). Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group.


Stephanie Couch

SCouch Headshot

Stephanie Couch

Principal Investigator, Long Term and Futures Thinking Project

Bayer Executive Director, Institute for STEM Education,

Director, Gateways East Bay STEM Network

Interim Associate Vice President, Research and Professional Development

Stephanie Couch is the Principal Investigator for the Long Term and Futures Thinking Project.  Building on Cal State East Bay’s Institutional Learning Outcomes, the Long Term and Futures Thinking Project provides students with the opportunity to uncover and engage in the processes and practices of thinking as a futurist. The approach, which includes projects in which students apply the ways of thinking and acting as a futurist to specific scenarios, enhances students’ capacity to think critically and creatively.

Dr. Couch also serves as Bayer Executive Director with the Institute for STEM Education, where Institute participants and partners are focused on recruiting, retaining and graduating more students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields/disciplines. They are also working to promote interdisciplinary courses and programs that infuse STEM into the work of all four CSUEB colleges/majors.

In addition, Dr. Couch’s roles with the Long Term Thinking Project and the Institute for STEM Education, she also serves as the Director of the Gateways East Bay STEM Network in which a diverse array of community stakeholders from Alameda and Contra Costa counties are working together to address challenges along the P20 “cradle to career” education continuum that are critical to students’ success in STEM.  The separate yet complimentary roles enable Dr. Couch to connect the innovations developed at California State University East Bay and by others in the region to Gateways partners so that all students and educators in the region can benefit from the Institute’s work.


Andrea Saveri


Andrea Saveri

Foresight, Engagement Design, and Strategy Developer

Saveri Consulting

Saveri Consulting makes the future actionable for clients through research-based foresight and highly creative engagement experiences.  Saveri partners with clients to create clear strategic pathways to transformation and resilience in a highly complex world.

Andrea Saveri’s experience spans over 20 years helping clients develop foresight, innovate, and prototypes of their futures.  Her work with education clients has focused on creating forecasts of disruptive shifts in teaching and learning, building resilient systems, and harnessing the power of technologies of cooperation. Saveri leads effective and dynamic opportunity mapping sessions and rapid-prototyping workshops with organizations to help them discover and realize innovative solutions to strategic challenges.  She has creatively collaborated with major research universities, community colleges and K-12 schools to develop strategies and implement action for 21st century education.

In partnership with the KnowledgeWorks Foundation Saveri created several forecasts and engagement strategies such as Forecast 3.0 Recombinant Education: Regenerating the Learning System; 2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning; as well as Creating a New World of Learning: A Change Maker’s Toolkit.  She has worked with higher education clients developing strategic roadmaps for new business and service opportunities. Saveri is a regular facilitator and collaborator at ISKME’s Big Ideas Fest, a premier annual innovation and design summit in education. Most recently she launched an open design quest at an independent middle school in the East Bay to pilot participatory service-learning.  She has worked with 8th – 12th grade students in various pilot projects focused on developing long-term futures thinking.

Saveri Consulting clients include California State University, East Bay; KnowledgeWorks Foundation; Institute for Study Abroad; Stanford University Libraries; Institute of Creative Technologies at DeMontfort University; Michigan State University – Food & Society Initiative; Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education; Link TV and several independent schools and community colleges.

Andrea is skilled at conducting quantitative and qualitative research, applying futures methodologies, and designing breakthrough collaboration experiences. She spent 21 years at Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, California leading global research and forecasting projects in education, health, and the workplace.  She is a graduate of Harvard University (B.A. Hispanic Studies) and of University California at Berkeley (M.A. Latin American Studies) and has traveled extensively in Mexico. Andrea is a mother of two elementary school children.  In the summer she coordinates Camp Erê, a Brazilian Cultural & Performing Arts Camp for children in Berkeley.