Our Approach

Project Overview

To reverse-engineer the kind of civically engaged, highly skilled 21st Century knowledge worker and community leader that society is calling for, the most promising education models today have adopted two key strategies. Our pilot program is being delivered in the Communication Department by Professor Lonny Brooks. Students integrate long term and futures thinking into existing course content and are required to show through a team-based final project (usually a digital artifact), that they understand the long-term implications of the issues, themes and ideas raised. In R&D are transportable curriculum modules that can be used by college faculty from multiple disciplines, in K-12 classrooms and on the Internet


Curriculum Design

The instructional modules featured below uncover the practices from Dr. Brooks’ Public Relations, Gender and Identity, and Organizational Communications courses. The Public Relations course addresses the basic steps in the adaptation of an idea and the use of appropriate symbols and slogans. Furthermore, the Public Relations course uncovers the theoretical perspectives of communication and how they apply to communication techniques and goals in reaching target audiences. In contrast, the Gender and Identity Communications course examined gender as a socially constructed category and as a daily performance activity. The Organizational Communication course addressed the pressing contemporary controversies for understanding how our cultural, political, and economic organizations are changing with the emergence of new media and digital technologies. In addition, students in the Organization Communication course examined innovation and long term thinking in different types of organizations.


Student Resources

The resource page for “Diverse Energy Eco-Zones 2037” provides students with an variety of source materials from which to learn about long-term and futures thinking in the context of their course material and to develop their team projects.



Long Trees